5-Stars Just Doesn't Do Charlene Justice!

Trip to San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic · by Krista Cline

5-Stars Just Doesn't Do Charlene Justice! Businesses today tend to have poor customer service and we're quick to write a negative review. What doesn't happen is recognition for the exceptional service we do receive. I usually don't use a travel agent because I figured that it cost more and it's something that I can do for myself. I'm happy to admit that I was proven wrong. Charlene Calwell from Charlene, The Travel Agent Next Door is absolutely amazing at her chosen profession. She goes above and beyond the standard customer service that we're so accustomed to. THERE'S NO ADDITIONAL COST TO USE A TRAVEL AGENT. Charlene actually listens to your needs and fulfills them, stays in constant contact with you, and chances are she's been to the place where you want to go (she sends you written and video reviews as well). Even though all of these are great qualities, I would say the best thing about Charlene Calwell is that she's a kind person....something that is really lacking, not only in business, but in society in general. If you are looking to book a holiday or even just a flight, please consider using Charlene's services. You will not be disappointed. You don't even have to be from Barrie, Ontario, for that matter, to have Charlene help you. Share this review with your friends, I promise they will thank you

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